Thursday, August 2, 2007

Left Alone!

Josh left to Tuesday to take the scouts down the middle fork of the Salmon. He has been waiting all summer to go and he has been so busy with work that he really deserves a good vacation. Plus, we have only used that rafting equipment once this whole summer( my current pregnant situation is not good for rafting much), so I am glad that it is being put to good use. Well, Josh left me a little paperwork to do, some calls to make, and a few things to mail. No Problem, I thought. Well, about 11:00 on Tuesday, an hour after they left, I start getting work calls on my cell. I thought that was a little strange considering my phone number isn't given out to his subcontractors or anything. His cell phone message was supposed to have the phone number for his foreman left on it, in case of any problems. Well I called his phone to hear his message and surely enough it had Tim's phone number right along with my name and number. So, I guess everyone thought that I could solve all of their problems. Needless to say, I had a very long day of answering all of his calls most of which I couldn't even do anything about. I did decide that I would hate to answer the phone that many times a day. I would have thrown that phone out the window long ago. What did we ever do without cell phones? Almost everyone has one. It's crazy.
I did decide that when Josh gets back I need at least a days vacation, maybe a Saturday trip to Boise or something. I take care of the girls all day long everyday, so I am not sure why it seems so much harder when he is gone. They are daddy's girls and they do miss him a lot. It's almost like they aren't themselves just because they know he's gone. They aren't naughty or anything just different. Anyway, I think that we are all bored more than anything and we can't wait to have daddy home!!


karisa said...

I totally agree with you- my husbands get so many calls running our business too. I'm glad that my cell phone is mostly a convenience item, not a necessity. So when did you guys get into rafting? It's something I think I could really get into.

Heather said...

We started two years ago. It is so much fun. You should join us sometime. We go to Jackson Hole a lot and there is a nice spot in Hagerman. The one in Hagerman is pretty mild, but great for famlies.