Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Early Riser

I just love how Kamrin wakes up in the morning! She is so happy, silly, and playful. She definitely helps me get going for the day. She usually appears at about 6 am, asking for her breakfast. Her favorite request is pancakes, but no matter how tired I am or so not in the mood to get everything out to make pancakes I always do. Who could resist such a request to a beaming three year old? "I help, she says." And help she does. She know where everything is and even helps set the table. When they are done we eat together and save a couple in the fridge until her sister, who has a totally opposite morning temperament, wakes up a hour or so later to eat hers by herself.

A little blurry, but she can't sit still for long in the morning.

Waiting patiently for pancakes. The poor girl has some wild & crazy hair!

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