Thursday, August 30, 2007

Bed Rest...

I got put on bed rest for a week on Tuesday!! It is soo boring!!! The doctors want me to try to hold out on having this baby until next Tuesday. So right now I am having contractions every five minutes, but they aren't the real ones. Just really bad braxton hicks contractions. I haven't dialated any further. SO, I get to sit on the couch and sit this through until Tuesday. My prediction is that on Tuesday morning they will stop and I will go way overdue. My mom has the girls for a few days to help me out and I am all alone. Anyway in my time down I have read all three books in the twilight series, the Ensign and the New Era.

I have watched a few movies and wished that I could take a nap!! Today when I went to the doctor for my check up he did tell me that I could go to the rodeo, if I promised that I wouldn't walk around the fair. Just get some dinner and watch the rodeo. It's nice to think that I am going to get a little time off of the couch tonight. My five year old niece from Oakley is riding barrels in the rodeo and the girls and I have been talking about the rodeo for a couple of weeks, so I am glad that I still get to go with them.

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karisa said...

Good luck making it until Tuesday. I hope all goes well and you don't go overdue.