Monday, March 30, 2009

{My Birthday}

For my birthday, Josh and the girls made me a cake. Kelsie wanted to use the horseshoe pan and Kamrin wanted the pink frosting, so this is how it turned out. Not too shabby, considering Josh really doesn't cook much. My sister was here and frosted the cake for him, but Josh insisted on writing on the cake, without the tips of course. I'm so thankful for my little family and how special they make me feel!!

I really like history, if I had thought that I could do anything with it I probably would have gone to college to study it more. When I was in about the 8th grade, I became extremely fascinated with the history surrounding the Holocaust. I'm not sure why such a controversial, depressing period of time fascnated me as much as it did. When I was in college and got the opportunity to do a political science internship in Poland I was thrilled, mostly because I thought that there would be a chance I would actually get to go to Auschwitz and a few other places that I had read so much about. I still to this day get chills when I remember the time that I spent there.
Recently, an eight grade teacher in the school that I spend so much time in recommended a book to me. I knew nothing of what the book was about, but as I began to read it I realized it was set in this time period that I was so intrigued with. The book made me think about my time spent in Auschwitz and really what that time meant to the world around us. I have just a few pictures that were taken in Auschwitz, it seemed like such a hallowed place to really be snapping pictures. I spent some time over the weekend looking through these and it made the story so much more real.
Really, this post was meant to reccomend a great book, that is actually being made a movie right now. The book is entitled, The Boy in the Striped Pajamas by John Boyne. It is a really simple young adult novel that woun't take long at all to read, so if you like historical fiction this is a great book to read...

Thursday, March 19, 2009

{Soaking up the Sunshine}

We finally got some nice weather. It was beautiful outside so we headed to the park to soak up the sunshine. We had a blast. I could barely take pictures of the kids because I could barely keep up with them. Kyler was so mad when it was time to leave....

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

{St. Patricks Day Parade}

This week is spring break, so I don't have to work. I heard about the St.Patricks day parade and decided to grab the kids and go. It was LAME!! No wonder I hadn't ever heard of it before. It's obvious that Twin Falls doesn't have a large Irish population. We did ,however, get some pics of the kids waiting for the parade...........

Sunday, March 15, 2009

{Great Inspiration}

Lately, with all that is going on around us in our country and world it seems like it's becoming so difficult to find positive inspiration around us. I have been finding myself having a more difficult time being positive and this has a definate influnce in my home. I found this on Youtube and it really hit home for me. It made me think about what I can do better for me and my family. I am responsible for not only creating physical things, but for creating the atmosphere in my home, for creating better relationships with those I care about, and overall creating the outcome of the situations placed upon me. I have realized that I need to take more time for myself and my family. I need to Simplify my life, less distractions and outside influences. So, this is my goal for the year....I hope you enjoy this as much as I did!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sunday, March 8, 2009

{Kelsie and her Dad}

Kelsie spent Saturday with her dad up in the mountains. They went looking for elk. She rode the RZR with her dad and even found her very own elk shed. She was so happy. She loves to be with him and never complains about being cold or tired, etc. She even loves the military meals that they eat for lunch. You just add water and a chemical reactions warms them. She thinks its the coolest thing ever!

{Our little Monster!!}

Kyler is quite the little monster....he keeps us all busy. Here he is posing for the camera with Kam.....

He decided to get all of the rest of his teeth besides the 4 in front that he already had, all at once. So he is working on twelve teeth all at once right now. He is so slobbery and gets his shirts changed so many times a day....
Kyler just loves the tub, he splashes and splashes!! He will probably be a river rat like his dad and sisters...
Yesterday, while I was working on the dishes Kyler wanted his sisters milk that was clear across the table. Before I could stop him, he had pulled the tablecloth until the glass was right where he wanted it. He is too smart!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

{Girls Night Out}

Kamrin, Kelsie, her friend Bailey, and I had a Girls Night Out on Friday. We went to a play called the Koconut Kapers. It was put on by JUMP Co. a Jr. play company that we have here and a girl that babysits them from our ward was in it. We had a lot of fun and my girls can't stop singing the songs from the play....

{Kelsie & Junie B. Jones}

I never thought that one of my kids would like to read as much as I do and especially not at this age. I don't recall ever reading chapter books in the first grade, but yesterday as we were getting hair cuts this is what Kels looked like.....

And this little girl is all to blame.....

Junie B. Jones.

These books are great if you have a first through third grader. I even read them with her sometimes, they are pretty good. They kind of remind me of the Ramona Quimby books when I was a kid and the best part is you can get them in their book orders from Scholastic for a really good price. I bought a set of 15 or so for $24 and they included one hard bound book. The rest we got at Costco.