Wednesday, April 29, 2009

{Meet our new friend...}

...Mr. Frog

Kyler had his tonsils out on Tuesday and this thing has been a lifesaver!! Not to mention he is pretty cute! Everything went pretty good with Kyler and he is now healing. He had to stay in the hospital a little longer than anticipated becuase there was so much infection in his ears, nose and throat and he needed some heavy IV antibiotics. He also had a pretty difficult time coming out of the anesthesia and the docs just felt better keeping him in the hospital for awhile. We are home now and he is improving greatly each day. The best part is that he can already hear much better and is trying to say new sounds. I took this picture before he had surgery and you can already tell that this was going to be quite an event for us. He has just been to the doc too much and knows what is going to happen most of the time.

Here he is after, a little out of it......but, I can already tell that he feels so much better!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

{Shoshone Falls}

Ashley and I took the kids to Shoshone Falls today. It is so beautiful this time of the year with all of the water going over it....the girls thought it was so neat to feel the mist of water hitting their faces!!

They were very uncooperative for pictures as usual!!!

Kyler loved the water!

I can finally feel the sun on my face.....

and not be pushed in the is uphill a lot though and he had a hard time keeping his balance.

We had a great day at the falls, if only there was less wind it would have been better. Oh, well...we do live in Idaho!!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

{Silly Boy...}

Kyler is such a goofy kid...he is always doing something to make us laugh. He loves spending time with his dad outside. He goes to the door and points at it because he wants us to take him outside. Thank goodness for the warmer weather.

He also loves to be in small confined spaces like the clothes hamper......

or the cabinents................

You are so silly, we love you so much!!

Update on Kyler's medical situation:
Just when we thought we were getting some answers we have hit another roadblock it seems. We took Kyler to Boise to have the special MRI's and images done for the Iowa docs. They were successful in getting them and they are in Iowa with the docs there and we are hoping to have a better idea of what the plan is there soon. However, while being sedated and having the MRI's the nursing staff was a little conserned with Kyler's breathing. They suggested that he see a ENT to make sure that his airways were clear. We had an appointment on Thursday and he has very large adenoids and tonsils. They also did a hearing test and he has very poor hearing and has to have some scar tissue in his ears removed and tubes put it. The doctor thinks that he sleeps so restless becuase he probably has sleep apnea because of the tonsils, adenoids, etc. So needless to say Kyler will be having surgery the first of next week.
I am glad that we figured all of this out before we got back to Iowa. We definatly want to have him in the best shape that we can before he goes back there.....

{Ashley's Senior Prom}

The kids and I headed to Burley on Saturday to do hair and make-up for Ashley's Senior Prom. We had a blast and Ashley looked so pretty......

The kids posing with her.....we couldn't get them all to do much of anything!

Patiently waiting for her date to arrive.......
Finally, he's here and we're off !!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

{Kelsie's Cheer Tryout}

My good friend at the dance studio that the girls take from is moving, so Kelsie decided that she would rather do cheerleading instead of dance. The little team here in town had tryouts this week and this is Kelsie's tryout....

Saturday, April 11, 2009

{What we've been up to...}

We haven't had much to post lately.....until now! I got to have Thursday and Friday off due to parent teacher confrences. So, we packed Thurday full of appointments for Kyler, then Kelsie got to be picked up from school and we headed to Hop 2 it. Most of the time the kids were running so fast that I couldn't even keep up with them and when I could the pictures were kind of blurry!!

On Friday I was able to help at both Kamrin and Kelsie's class parties.

Kamrin helping Kyler find an egg at her class party.

Snack Time!!!

The Barnes egg hunt.....

Until next year......

Friday, April 10, 2009

{Rants and Raves}

Josh got a call the other day from a friend of his at the lumber store. He told Josh that he had been reading the rants and raves section of Craigs List and there was a section on another builder here that builds a house that barely meets codes, he's known for cutting corners, etc. Well there were numerous articles about him and then at the end of one were these comments
"When we were building our home we were warned to not go with them because of all the short cuts they take. We wanted proof so we had our real estate guy show us exactly what they meant. They at that time were flopping up so many houses that it was like cookie cutter homes. They use smaller wood sizes for the eves and they also use a smaller thickness inside. But, they do for sure have a good priced home. I know a co-worker who had them build a home and he stayed on top of them until it was completed so that he knew what he was getting. And, they have had no problems. We had our house built by Barnes construction and they did an awesome job. We had a few problems with the siding and the underneath of our porch but they were quick to fix it. Also, they don't build as many at a time so they pay a little more attention to detail. Good luck selling your home. And if you are in the market to build check out Barnes. Each home I have seen of his has been really nice and like I said no problems and it's been three years."

It's kind of nice to see something like this about your business. It sure made Josh's day!