Wednesday, April 29, 2009

{Meet our new friend...}

...Mr. Frog

Kyler had his tonsils out on Tuesday and this thing has been a lifesaver!! Not to mention he is pretty cute! Everything went pretty good with Kyler and he is now healing. He had to stay in the hospital a little longer than anticipated becuase there was so much infection in his ears, nose and throat and he needed some heavy IV antibiotics. He also had a pretty difficult time coming out of the anesthesia and the docs just felt better keeping him in the hospital for awhile. We are home now and he is improving greatly each day. The best part is that he can already hear much better and is trying to say new sounds. I took this picture before he had surgery and you can already tell that this was going to be quite an event for us. He has just been to the doc too much and knows what is going to happen most of the time.

Here he is after, a little out of it......but, I can already tell that he feels so much better!

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Mary Jane said...

Cute humidifier! Glad he's on the mend. Kimball didn't really start talking until he was 2 and then we found out that he wasn't talking because he could hardly hear! Got tubes in his ears and he made great progress. He didn't get his tonsils out until he was a little bit older, and I remember him crying and saying, "I want my tonsils back!" You're a sweet mom. :)