Friday, April 10, 2009

{Rants and Raves}

Josh got a call the other day from a friend of his at the lumber store. He told Josh that he had been reading the rants and raves section of Craigs List and there was a section on another builder here that builds a house that barely meets codes, he's known for cutting corners, etc. Well there were numerous articles about him and then at the end of one were these comments
"When we were building our home we were warned to not go with them because of all the short cuts they take. We wanted proof so we had our real estate guy show us exactly what they meant. They at that time were flopping up so many houses that it was like cookie cutter homes. They use smaller wood sizes for the eves and they also use a smaller thickness inside. But, they do for sure have a good priced home. I know a co-worker who had them build a home and he stayed on top of them until it was completed so that he knew what he was getting. And, they have had no problems. We had our house built by Barnes construction and they did an awesome job. We had a few problems with the siding and the underneath of our porch but they were quick to fix it. Also, they don't build as many at a time so they pay a little more attention to detail. Good luck selling your home. And if you are in the market to build check out Barnes. Each home I have seen of his has been really nice and like I said no problems and it's been three years."

It's kind of nice to see something like this about your business. It sure made Josh's day!


Love Notes said...

That is such a great thing to hear.. Tell Josh congrats!!!! I am sure I could probaby guess who they were talking about actually I could name a couple of builders who do that.


**nicke... said...

wow! what a great compliment! that is so nice to have a compliment like that especially when times are slow. i hope it brings more business your way!