Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Princess Party!!

Today was Kamrin's Halloween party for dance class. As we arrived at the dance studio I realized that every little girl at age 3 wants to be a princess. Almost every little girl, with the exception of a few, was a princess. They were all so cute. The played games, danced to cute Halloween songs, and had treats. She had such a good time!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

School Spirit Day!!

Friday was Kelsie's first School Spirit day. She was so excited to wear a bandana to school. She was a little confused as to what school spirit actually was, but we talked about it and now that she knows what it is she says she's full of school spirit. She was most excited when she realized that was have the same mascot and school colors as High School Musical. Go Wildcats!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Go Boston!!

I really don't care all that much for baseball.(Especially watching it on television!) For some reason I really like the Red Sox. Josh and I were in Martha's Vineyard and Boston last spring for our anniversary and got to watch them play the Yankees in Fenway Park. If you ever get the chance to go to Boston Fenway Park is a must see. IT is so cool. Anyway the whole point of this post was just to say that I am so excited that they are in the world series!!

Mixed Emotions...

We recently purchased some property a few miles from our current home. It is farm ground and there was still corn growing. Last week the corn was finally chopped and we now have a better idea as to what the land looks like. It was very difficult for me to see what it looked like with all of the corn still growing in the field.

Thinking about building a new house and starting over kind of makes me sad. We have only lived in our current house for two years this month. We finally have grass and a sprinkler system, it is semi-decorated, and we are comfortable here. As I began thinking about moving, I realized that we have moved within a few months of having a new child. Our first house in Twin was Kelsie's house, the one that we live in now is Kamrin's and the new one will be Kyler's. Maybe that is part of why it is hard to move, each home has so many memories. However, we do feel like we have been blessed to be able to purchase this land. Me and Josh have talked so much about needing things for our kids to do besides playing video games, watching television, and various other things kids today seem to do a lot of. I really think that Josh is who is today because of his dads example of hard work on the farm. Josh was able to help his dad and after they were no longer farming he still had livestock to care for. So, In purchasing this land we hope to get a few cows and horses in order for the kids to be able to have something to care for, some responsibility. Most of you that know me probably think that I have lost my mind. I'm not much of a farm girl. I will admit that I have a lot to learn myself.
Now the hard part is preparing to sell our house, moving, and building a new house. The best part of the whole deal is that because we were able to find land, we do not have to move ever again!!! YEAH!!!!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Look Alike's

I'm not sure how accurate this really is. I definately think that Kamrin looks more like me than Kelsie does and this thing got that backwards. Kyler is a spitting image of Josh as a baby, and I don't see much of myself in him. The pictures that I could find weren't the best either. The one of me is two years old at least. Oh, well it was fun to try.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Hunting Season

Well our favorite time of the year has finally arrived. I have learned in the 7 years that I have been married, that it isn't so bad to be a hunting widow for part of the year. In fact, I think that I actually enjoy being alone with the kids while Josh is gone. Don't get me wrong I'm glad when he returns, but I've learned to enjoy it. I think that Josh really needs the time away from the stress of his job. Up there the phone doesn't ring and he can just forget for awhile. Well, this year has been a bit different. Hunting season started a little bit late. Josh had to stick around a lot during the last part of my pregnancy because we were never quite sure when Kyler was going to be born. It's obvious that planning any of our children's birth was not possible, they have all been born during hunting season. This past weekend was the first time Josh got to actually go hunting overnight and didn't have to worry about missing the baby's birth. Kelsie, Kamrin, Kyler, and I went to Burley for a day and played with Grandma and Grandpa. The girls rode the horse, made cookies, and watched movies with their aunts and uncle. Kyler and I took a nice long nap, a very much needed nap. It was so nice to have a little rest. Well, Josh returned late Saturday night with a deer. He was quite proud . I must admit that deer is not my favorite, but he decided to make it all into jerky and salami. On his way home he called me and asked me to keep the girls up so that they could see the deer before he took it to the butcher. Kamrin fell asleep waiting for him, but Kelsie stayed awake and was there to take pictures with Josh and the deer. Kelsie loves having her picture taken with her dad after his hunting trips. I've never quite been sure what to think of these pictures, but they are special to Kelsie and her dad and I guess I just have to deal with that. ( I did photoshop the last picture, so that it wasn't so gross looking.)

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Cool Website

I just found the neatest website. It's called retailmenot.com
It has coupons for most online stores, so before you buy something online check it out and you could get a great deal!!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Kelsie's First Field Trip

Kelsie was so excited because today she got to go on her first field trip. I think that she was the most excited because she got to ride the school bus. They got to go to the pumpkin patch at Kimberly Nurseries. They played games, colored pictures, and got to pick out a pumpkin to bring home with them. I wasn't able to go with her, but my friend Stefanie took lots of pictures for me.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


I was finally able to get a picture of Kyler with his eyes open. We found a picture of Josh when he was just a baby and they look quite a bit alike. I cannot believe that he is almost two weeks old! Time has gone by so fast.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Happy Birthday Kamrin!!

Yesterday was Kamrin's 3rd birthday. She got to have two of her friends come and play and eat lunch with her. Afterward we got ready to have family over. She really wanted to have a homemade Dora cake. I ordered the pan to make it, but since the baby was born a little later than we thought he would be I had no time to make that fancy cake. So, while I was at Target I found some little Dora party favor figurines on clearance and thought that I could make a quick cake with the figurines on top. It wasn't quite what I had wanted to do, but under the circumstances it was all that I could do. Kamrin was so excited when she helped put the figurines on the cake. She wouldn't have been any happier if I had spent all of that time making the other cake!! She is such a good girl. She has done very well adjusting to all of the changes that have gone on here, with Kelsie going to school and the baby being born. We are so lucky to have her in our family!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Finally Starting to Settle Down

Wow, I had forgotten how much work it is to take care of a new baby!! With Kelsie in school and running girls to dance class, soccer, etc. it seems as if we are constantly on the go. On top of that throw in feedings, diapers, and doctors appointments and you end up with almost no extra time!! We do love having him and know that we will slowly get used to our new routine, it just takes time.
Well, Kyler had to be admitted to the hospital for jaundice. Both Kelsie and Kamrin had to have the bili light at home because they both had jaundice. Kyler's level was much higher than that of the girls and had to be admitted to the hospital to get that level down faster. When the doctor found out that I was Rh negative and that he had positive blood he said that the chance of your baby having jaundice increases significantly. That makes a lot of sense considering both of the girls also have positive blood. Anyway, we only had to stay at the hospital for about 24 hours so the lights helped bring the level down much quicker than a bili light at home would have. I took my camera to take a picture, but because he had lots of cords and an IV, I decided that I couldn't really take a picture of that. It was hard enough as it was just to look at him in that condition. We are glad that we are home. It is much nicer to sleep in your own bed and have familiar things around you!