Monday, October 15, 2007

Hunting Season

Well our favorite time of the year has finally arrived. I have learned in the 7 years that I have been married, that it isn't so bad to be a hunting widow for part of the year. In fact, I think that I actually enjoy being alone with the kids while Josh is gone. Don't get me wrong I'm glad when he returns, but I've learned to enjoy it. I think that Josh really needs the time away from the stress of his job. Up there the phone doesn't ring and he can just forget for awhile. Well, this year has been a bit different. Hunting season started a little bit late. Josh had to stick around a lot during the last part of my pregnancy because we were never quite sure when Kyler was going to be born. It's obvious that planning any of our children's birth was not possible, they have all been born during hunting season. This past weekend was the first time Josh got to actually go hunting overnight and didn't have to worry about missing the baby's birth. Kelsie, Kamrin, Kyler, and I went to Burley for a day and played with Grandma and Grandpa. The girls rode the horse, made cookies, and watched movies with their aunts and uncle. Kyler and I took a nice long nap, a very much needed nap. It was so nice to have a little rest. Well, Josh returned late Saturday night with a deer. He was quite proud . I must admit that deer is not my favorite, but he decided to make it all into jerky and salami. On his way home he called me and asked me to keep the girls up so that they could see the deer before he took it to the butcher. Kamrin fell asleep waiting for him, but Kelsie stayed awake and was there to take pictures with Josh and the deer. Kelsie loves having her picture taken with her dad after his hunting trips. I've never quite been sure what to think of these pictures, but they are special to Kelsie and her dad and I guess I just have to deal with that. ( I did photoshop the last picture, so that it wasn't so gross looking.)

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