Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sunday, August 15, 2010

{Craig's Wedding}

My little brother got married on Friday....we had a very busy weekend and the kids are excited to have a new aunt...Congrats Megan and Craig!

Friday, August 13, 2010

{Nauvoo and Carthage}

We packed into the car on a Sunday morning and drove 1437 miles from home....

Let Dad know where we were occasionally.......

And made it to our final destination....NAUVOO!

We attended the old time fair and had tons of fun together!

Saw all of the sights and learned a lot about the history of the town.

We also went to Carthage Jail and had a great experience there together.

And for now Goodbye rest stops, fast food drive thrus, humidity, windmills, ethanol gas, bugs, and constant Are We there Yets??......Until Next year that is!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

{Kamrin's first lost tooth!}

Kamrin lost her first tooth on the way to Iowa in the car. She asked my sister Ashley to pull it out because it was driving her crazy. Sure enough it was super loose and it came right out. I can't believe that she has lost a tooth, she isn't even in Kindergarten yet!

We returned from Iowa with very good news.....Kyler's eyes are doing very well! In fact, they said that they are beginning to work together better than could have been expected. We are so thankful for the doctors, nurses, and medical students that have been so kind and thoughtful as we have made these many journeys to Iowa. At first it was very hard to have to continually return there for check ups, the surgery, and all of the follow-up. After seeing the success that has come from this operation it makes all the sacrifices of time and money worth it. Not to mention knowing that Kyler is going to be okay and be able to do all of the things that other kids do with minimal problems. I know that we were guided there for this very reason.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

{Summer?? Where have you gone??}

Where has the summer gone? I can't believe that today is August 1st. Spending 6 weeks of the summer down sure has made the time fly on by. In the past few days I have finally been able to spend some time taking the kids to the pool and doing a few summer activities, but I still can't do much! It will come with time I suppose. The kids and I were able to take a road trip to get Kyler to his eye check-up in Iowa. It sure was an adventure, but well worth it. I will post pictures of our adventure soon!