Saturday, September 27, 2008

{Wouldn't This Be Nice??}

Helpful Tip funny picture

Do you think he knows the sign is there??

Friday, September 26, 2008


This week was homecoming week at the high school. We had our first performance and it was awesome!! I am so proud of how hard the girls worked!!

{My Baby is One}

Today Kyler turned 1 !!!
He has grown and changed so much!
Kyler ay Birth:

Kyler at 4 months:

Kyler at 8 months:

Kyler at 9 months:

We couldn't imagine our life without him, he brings such a happy spirit into our home. His sisters adore him. He has a way about him that makes everyone around him happy. I hope that he will always be able to do that. We love you Kyler!! (We will post party pics as soon as dad returns and we celebrate. We decided to wait for him.)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

{Hunting Widow}

So I've been thinking that I should change the name of my blog to diaries of a hunting widow, what do you think? I spend so much time in the fall alone (I'm not complaining I like it.) that I am definitely a hunting widow, though. For this trip they decided to go down the Salmon River and hunt from the river. Who knows when they will be back. That takes at least a week. so, Josh will miss his sons first birthday on Friday. Oh well, we will celebrate ob Sunday when he returns. Josh did make sure that before he left we purchased Kyler a lifetime hunting license for his birthday. I guess he feels like he has to pass the tradition on, I just hope Kyler likes to hunt.....

Monday, September 15, 2008

{Kelsie's 1st Spelling Test}

Kelsie took her first spelling test on Friday and she got a 100%. We are so proud of her!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

{Kyler- 11 months}

This is about two weeks late, but Kyler is now pulling himself up to things. He still can't crawl, but he can scoot anywhere he wants pretty fast. Here are some pics of Kyler at 11 months.

{Kyler-Car Wash}


We have had a Chocolate Lab since we were married. Josh had him before we were married and so he was sort of the package deal. He is very active and runs around a lot, he is NOT a house dog. Three years ago while Josh was in Canada hunting a friends dog had puppies and there was a Chocolate female in the litter. Our little Kelsie told her daddy that she would really like that puppy. Of course he instantly replied yes and we ended up with a puppy. The younger pup was always around the older dog and inherited his busy personality. Well about a week and a half ago Josh took both of the dogs to water the property and they both ran off and Josh looked for them for hours. He finally came home frustrated. (This is not the first time one of us has had to search for hours to find them.) Two days later her returned to the property to water and Avery the younger female was sitting by the pump waiting for Josh. We decided to see how she acted without the older high strung dog. She has been hanging around the house sleeping in our room on her dog pillow. She is so good with the kids. I'm not a fan of her being in the house, but she is growing on me I guess.
Kam sleeps with her...
Kelsie takes care of her....
Kyler won't leave her alone......
She waits for Josh to get home by the door. I don't think she wants to get left alone again...

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Road Trip!!

My sister moved to Alberta, Canada about a year ago and we have only seen her a few times since then. She had a baby about a month ago and decided to bless her this past weekend. My parents and younger siblings decided they were going and so I also decided to go. So, my kids, my brother, and a sister all drove a car up there. We decided to drive through the night so that my kids would sleep for the 920 mile drive. We made it with no problems after about 14 hrs in the car. The girls were excited to see their cousins that they haven't seen for awhile and meet their new cousin.

It was so weird to see no mountains, it is so flat there...

My mom made Faylee's dress and it turned out super nice. she worked so hard for it to turn out nice. We found a cute little pair of shoes at Babies R'Us and made her a headband.

We left Cris's house around 4:30 in the morning to head home. We put the kids in the car asleep and headed out. About 3 hrs later they were awake and we got them dressed and continued home. I pulled in the driveway at about 9:45 pm that night. My kids were so good..I am so proud of them. We made it home without too many problems!

Pictures at the border:

Some Serious Bedhead:

More pictures at the border:

Kelsie Starts First Grade!!

Kelsie is so excited to be in first grade. She loves her teacher, Mrs. Mai, and loves to go all day. She likes the idea of eating lunch at school (for now anyway). She also like music, library, computers, and PE. She only knew a few students in her class, so she has had to make some new friends. She is very outgoing though and has had no problems making new friends.
She is growing up so fast!!

Kamrin's First Day of Preschool

Kamrin got to start pre-school at CSI. They have a great program, it is the lab for students going into early childhood education. The kids get a lot of attention and get to do some really neat activities. She was so excited to finally get to go to school like Kelsie.
Kamrin's cubby and coat hanger...
Kam washing her hands before starting school. She loves that everything is withing her reach. They even have little toilets. So cute!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


I am not sure what to do with myself.....Kelsie started first grade today and she goes to school all day. Kamrin started preschool at CSI and is gone until 11:30. Me and Kyler ran errands until it was time to pick Kam up and now we are home, without Kels. I keep wondering how she's doing, if she got enough to eat for lunch, and if she's behaving. I'm not sure if I like this or not. It's hard to let my babies go.....