Sunday, September 26, 2010

{Kyler is 3!!!}

Today my baby turned 3……

It was a very bittersweet day for me. I am so glad that he is finally doing well and that his struggles are for the most part behind him. I can remember silently wishing that we could just speed up time to get through all of the appointments and past the surgeries and struggles. Now that time is here and I am glad that we are enjoying Kyler’s sweet spirit and sense of humor, but at times I wish he was still little and that I could hold him for hours.
Some of Kyler’s favorite things are:
Toy Story
And Playing with other kids

Kyler is really energetic and super funny (and he knows that he is funny). He keeps us on our toes with all of his mischief and mayham

Sunday, September 19, 2010

{Perrine Bridge Festival}

Kelsie and Kamrin performed at the Perrine Bridge Festival here in Twin Falls. I have to be honest...I have lived here for ten years and have never even heard of it before, none the less the girls were excited for their first performance of the year.

Kelsie introducing herself to the crowd:

Kamrin introducing herself to the crowd:

Kamrin stunting....yes, she is the flyer and I'm not sure how I fell about that!

Kelsie's stunt group.....

Here are the videos of the cheer and dance part of their performance....

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

{First Day of School}

3rd Grade




It's football season again......and we're excited (especially after last nights win)!!!!

{End of Summer}

Me and a friend decided to take a last minute kind of camping trip with the kids and no we drove 30 miles to a hot springs and spent the night in a tent. We had a lot of fun and spent some time in the pool with the kids.

Kelsie climbed some trees.....
Couldn't forget Buzz Lightyear...

................ Played with all of the cool things they found around the campsite..........

And of course, cooked some good dutch oven food.......

{At the Car Wash...}

Kyler is so sweet and wanted to wash my car....Maybe he's been to too many fundraiser car washes or he just loves his mom!