Sunday, April 25, 2010

{Utah Dance Fest}

Kamrin had her first dance competition last Saturday. She was super scared at first, but after the first time out there she got the hang of it and did great.

Thats Kam in the middle, she had a little solo part. She was very good at it.

She's miss personality, can't you tell.


{Our Visitor}

Last Monday the weather was super nice and we decided it was time to start using the grill more. Josh drove to town to get the propane and we made a special trip to the store to get fixins for hamburgers. We got a big surprise when we went to light the grill and we found this........

And of course.... and egg. I couldn't destroy the nest and the egg, not to mention now there's three more. So, our grilling season is now put on hold for awhile......

{Captain Underpants}

Kyler really like his new underwear. The only problem is thats all he wants to wear!! He started taking off his diaper and going to the bathroom in the toilet. I kept trying to put the potty training off until summer, when the baby sitters won't have to be the ones doing all of the work but he is ready I guess, so there's no reason to stop him!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

{Barnes Easter Egg Hunt}

We had the annual Barnes Eater egg hunt after Kelsie's Baptsim on Saturday. There were a few people missing, but the kids still had a blast!
Josh was worn he did his usual. SLEPT!

The kids all waiting for the go ahead....

Kyler had a lot of fun this year because he actually understood what was happening....
Kelsie got a little bit excited, and fell...

and Kamrin got a basket full!!!

Until next year......

{Kelsie's Baptism}

Kelsie got baptized on Saturday with her cousin, Greyson. We took the kids to the temple grounds for a photo shoot because the baptsim was right next door. Too bad it was freezing and we were only able to get a few pictures before the were too cold. We had a good turnout and the kids were happy that they got to share this experience together.