Thursday, August 30, 2007

Bed Rest...

I got put on bed rest for a week on Tuesday!! It is soo boring!!! The doctors want me to try to hold out on having this baby until next Tuesday. So right now I am having contractions every five minutes, but they aren't the real ones. Just really bad braxton hicks contractions. I haven't dialated any further. SO, I get to sit on the couch and sit this through until Tuesday. My prediction is that on Tuesday morning they will stop and I will go way overdue. My mom has the girls for a few days to help me out and I am all alone. Anyway in my time down I have read all three books in the twilight series, the Ensign and the New Era.

I have watched a few movies and wished that I could take a nap!! Today when I went to the doctor for my check up he did tell me that I could go to the rodeo, if I promised that I wouldn't walk around the fair. Just get some dinner and watch the rodeo. It's nice to think that I am going to get a little time off of the couch tonight. My five year old niece from Oakley is riding barrels in the rodeo and the girls and I have been talking about the rodeo for a couple of weeks, so I am glad that I still get to go with them.

Monday, August 27, 2007

I found this on the internet and thought that it was kind of fun to try. You mark all of the states that you have been to and it generates a map. I counted states that I have been in airports in or driven through.

create your own personalized map of the USA
or check out ourCalifornia travel guide

Packing the Bag for Baby

My friend Stefanie threw me a small baby shower on Friday night with my family and a few friends. It was so nice to see some of my old roomies and good friends and family. Well I got a diaper bag as a gift and I hadn't purchased one yet. (The old pink one wasn't going to cut it anymore.)
The girls were bored on Sunday evening, so I decided that we could pack the diaper bag with all of the things that we would need to bring the baby home from the hospital.
They picked out a small sleeper, a onsie, blanket, and some socks. They really enjoy being a part of getting ready for the baby. They have spent a lot of time putting things away in the nursery and helped wash and fold his clothes. Now, I think that we are all at the "waiting patiently for him to come stage."

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

My morning suprise

This is what I woke up to this morning:

I had no idea that Kelsie had joined me in bed. I'm not sure if she came in after Josh went to work or if she had been there all night, but she definitely made herself comfortable in my bed!


Since Kamrin is getting ready to turn three, I thought that I would make a post in tribute to her. She really likes to see pictures of herself on the computer. She thinks that is pretty cool. This morning after having her morning bath she wanted to have her picture taken. So I took some pictures of her doing her favorite things:

Playing with Polly Pockets, Barbies, or Dolls.

Reading Books.

Being Happy!

She also said that she really likes riding horses, but since we don't have any we couldn't take a picture of that this morning. Next time we are in Oakley at the Manning Ranch we will have to take some pictures of that. She is just a sweet girl and she cannot wait until her new brother is born!! She will be a lot of help to me while Kelsie is at school in the mornings!

Monday, August 20, 2007

New Boots

The girls were so excited to go to the fair in Burley. Kelsie insisted on wearing her Wrangler shirt and boots. We bought her some Ariat boots two years ago and she has worn them well. As we left the house she was walking funny and I asked her if her boot s were hurting her feet. Of course she said No, mostly because I am pretty sure there was no way she was going to the rodeo without her favorite boots. Well Josh told her that if they didn't fit we still had some time to go and get some new ones that did. It wasn't until he told her that that she finally admitted that her boots hurt her feet. While at the store buying new ones I realize that these have probably been too small for quite some time because we had to buy boots that were three sizes larger than the ones that she has been wearing. I guess I need to pay better attention in the future.

Of, course Kelsie had to have purple boots and Kamrin Pink. I think that they picked the most colorful pairs in the whole store!
After buying new boots, we headed to Burley for the rodeo. Josh has entered the wild cow ride every year for the past three years. Last year he was run over by a cow and came home with hoof mark shaped bruises. After that I was sure that he wouldn't enter again this year. I was wrong, they insisted that they weren't stopping until they had that belt buckle. I know it sound odd, I'm not sure what Josh would do with one of those big shiny cowboy buckles! Anyway this years ride was less than eventful, but as soon as I get a cable for my video camera I will put all three years Wild Cow Ride's on here. They are quite entertaining!
Kelsie with our friend Marty's daughter Hallie.
Kamrin was hilarious while she was watching her dad. At first she was a little scared that he was out there with those big cows, but she was laughing at him by the end. She still can't stop talking about it.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Catching Up

Josh returned safely from his river trip. We haven't seen him much since because he has been so busy catching up on work from when he was gone, but he is slowly getting caught up. He has a nasty battle scar that he is pretty proud of. The boys would tip the rafts upside down on the bank of the river, a person would then run as fast as they could toward the raft and slide onto it. Just as the person running got there another would toss a bucket of water onto the raft to make it nice and slippery. Three others were at the end of the raft so as the person slid across the slippery raft they would throw the end of the raft up into the air and the person sliding would go flying into the river. I hope that made some sense, if not here is the best picture I could find(Men do not take as good of pictures as women).
Well, when Josh attempted to do this he tripped or lost momentum or something, he says he's not sure exactly what happened but just as he go to the raft he landed on it and came to a dead stop. Well, on the end of the raft there was a metal ring for the rope to run through and his thigh hit that ring pretty hard when he came to a stop.

At our ward BBQ last night every person in the ward had to come over and take a peek a Josh's cool scar and want to hear the story. I think that I have heard the story at least a hundred or so times now. We are glad that he is safe and that is the worst thing that happened to anyone while on the river.

Yesterday we went to Josh's mom and dad's house to freeze corn. His dad takes a lot of pride in his corn. He plants a ton. We did 30 dozen ears yesterday and that was just the beginning. We love his corn though. It tastes sooo good. The girls were a lot of help, they helped pick, shuck and wash the corn.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Alfredo Sauce

I have found an awesome alfredo recipe. It is probably has a few more calories than I would usually eat for dinner, but it is sooooo good. So here it is:
2 cups heavy cream
1/8 tsp. garlic powder
1/2 cup butter
1/8 tsp. pepper
1/4 cup parmesan cheese (fresh, grated works the best)

Add all ingredients in a saucepan and simmer for about 12 minutes. Works great with pasta or as a dipping sauce for breadsticks. We grill some chicken or shrimp, artichokes, olives, whatever sounds good to our sauce after it is complete.


Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Early Riser

I just love how Kamrin wakes up in the morning! She is so happy, silly, and playful. She definitely helps me get going for the day. She usually appears at about 6 am, asking for her breakfast. Her favorite request is pancakes, but no matter how tired I am or so not in the mood to get everything out to make pancakes I always do. Who could resist such a request to a beaming three year old? "I help, she says." And help she does. She know where everything is and even helps set the table. When they are done we eat together and save a couple in the fridge until her sister, who has a totally opposite morning temperament, wakes up a hour or so later to eat hers by herself.

A little blurry, but she can't sit still for long in the morning.

Waiting patiently for pancakes. The poor girl has some wild & crazy hair!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Left Alone!

Josh left to Tuesday to take the scouts down the middle fork of the Salmon. He has been waiting all summer to go and he has been so busy with work that he really deserves a good vacation. Plus, we have only used that rafting equipment once this whole summer( my current pregnant situation is not good for rafting much), so I am glad that it is being put to good use. Well, Josh left me a little paperwork to do, some calls to make, and a few things to mail. No Problem, I thought. Well, about 11:00 on Tuesday, an hour after they left, I start getting work calls on my cell. I thought that was a little strange considering my phone number isn't given out to his subcontractors or anything. His cell phone message was supposed to have the phone number for his foreman left on it, in case of any problems. Well I called his phone to hear his message and surely enough it had Tim's phone number right along with my name and number. So, I guess everyone thought that I could solve all of their problems. Needless to say, I had a very long day of answering all of his calls most of which I couldn't even do anything about. I did decide that I would hate to answer the phone that many times a day. I would have thrown that phone out the window long ago. What did we ever do without cell phones? Almost everyone has one. It's crazy.
I did decide that when Josh gets back I need at least a days vacation, maybe a Saturday trip to Boise or something. I take care of the girls all day long everyday, so I am not sure why it seems so much harder when he is gone. They are daddy's girls and they do miss him a lot. It's almost like they aren't themselves just because they know he's gone. They aren't naughty or anything just different. Anyway, I think that we are all bored more than anything and we can't wait to have daddy home!!