Saturday, August 11, 2007

Catching Up

Josh returned safely from his river trip. We haven't seen him much since because he has been so busy catching up on work from when he was gone, but he is slowly getting caught up. He has a nasty battle scar that he is pretty proud of. The boys would tip the rafts upside down on the bank of the river, a person would then run as fast as they could toward the raft and slide onto it. Just as the person running got there another would toss a bucket of water onto the raft to make it nice and slippery. Three others were at the end of the raft so as the person slid across the slippery raft they would throw the end of the raft up into the air and the person sliding would go flying into the river. I hope that made some sense, if not here is the best picture I could find(Men do not take as good of pictures as women).
Well, when Josh attempted to do this he tripped or lost momentum or something, he says he's not sure exactly what happened but just as he go to the raft he landed on it and came to a dead stop. Well, on the end of the raft there was a metal ring for the rope to run through and his thigh hit that ring pretty hard when he came to a stop.

At our ward BBQ last night every person in the ward had to come over and take a peek a Josh's cool scar and want to hear the story. I think that I have heard the story at least a hundred or so times now. We are glad that he is safe and that is the worst thing that happened to anyone while on the river.

Yesterday we went to Josh's mom and dad's house to freeze corn. His dad takes a lot of pride in his corn. He plants a ton. We did 30 dozen ears yesterday and that was just the beginning. We love his corn though. It tastes sooo good. The girls were a lot of help, they helped pick, shuck and wash the corn.

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