Sunday, February 8, 2015

{Happy Birthday Kels!!}

Happy Birthday!

Kelsie turned 13 last weekend.  We love her and the girl she is becoming! She is definitely full of personality!

13 Random Facts/Things We love about Kelsie:
1. Her kid heart.
2. Her love of service.
3. Her "blonde" moments.
4. We love watching her dance.
5. Her love for teaching others.
6. She is very social and loves to be with others.
7. She motivates others to be successful.
8. She shares a love for reading with her mom.
9. She needs her sleep just like her dad.
10. She loves sweets!
11. She still likes it when her mom picks out her clothes.
12. She wants to be a homicide detective when she grows up.
13. Her favorite television shows are Bones and Castle.