Tuesday, December 29, 2009

{Mr. Mischief}

Kyler has turned into Mr. Mischief! He has found a new wind of energy and keeps us going.....Here are some pictures of his recent adventures:

He undoes the Toilet paper daily.....
He gets out of his crib now and refuses to sleep, so we have to put the mattress off of his big boy bed on top of the crib to keep him in.

This of course if the worst mess of all. He was only left unattended for a very sort time...probabally a minute! Any why couldn't he have chosen something else besides very fine, sticky powdered sugar!

Look at how proud he is of his masterpiece!!

{Kelsie Cheerleading Comp}

We went to Hailey a couple of weeks ago for Kelsie's first cheerleading competition. She had never done something like this before, so she was a bit nervous. Her team did great and they received first place. She can't wait for her upcoming ones!

Josh and Kyler got a bit tired of sitting there watching.......

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

{Merry Christmas!}

Because of Winter break at school and work, I was finally able to get a family letter and Christmas card made. I think that they turned out pretty good! Now, getting them in the mail and sent is a whole other story!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


We have spent the past few days with Kyler in Iowa. He was able to have his eye surgery yesterday. Things went very well and he is doing great. It's amazing how different his eyes already look. They are super sensitive to light, so I decided that it wasn't a good idea to take any pictures right now. We are so thankful for all of the little things along our way......that we were able to come here and get the help that Kyler needed....that even though our flights got all messed up, we made it here safely, and even though our bags were lost for a whole day, they were eventually found. The doctors have been great and we 've really been blessed to get such great care here. Now, we can't wait to get back to our family...just in time for Thanksgiving.

Friday, November 13, 2009

{Reading Time}

I have found that Kelsie share's the love of reading with her Mom. Lately, she has been seen with a book EVERYWHERE that she goes. Yesterday, she was reading at the breakfast table, as I combed and dryed her hair, while we drove to school and on the way home. She constantly has a book in her hand. I fact, she reads more than one book at a time because she gets so excited to start a new one that she can't wait to finsh the one that she was already reading first. Some of her favorites are:

Junie B. Jones

The Magic Treehouse Series

The Boxcar Children

& A to Z Mysteries

We also read aloud before bedtime. The kids and I all go to Barnes and Noble together to pick out the next selection. I love beign able to find books to read to the kids that I remember reading as a child. Some of the last books we've read are:
Ramona Quimby

From The Mixed Up Files of Ms. Basil E. Frankweiler
Wayside School is Falling Down

& Charlotte's Web

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

{Thank You Veterans!!}

{Kids Pics}

A friend of mine took some super cute pictures of the kids a little while ago and I lost the jump drive...but I found it and wanted to ge these posted because they turned out so good. Thanks, Amber!

Sunday, November 8, 2009


This year for Halloween we dressed the kids up in a Wizard of Oz theme. We got all of their costumes off of ebay and they were so cute. The kids really had a good time with the theme and are already thinking of new ideas for next year. We spent Halloween at my neices baptism and then went to the trunk-or-treat in Oakley. The kids were spoiled rotten and got plenty of candy there. It was nice to do something different for Halloween and the kids had a great time spending time with their cousins.

{Gone by the wayside....}

I must admit that this blog has gone by the wayside since I went back to school.....in fact I don't think that this is the only thing that I don't have time for. I keep telling myself that it will all pay off eventually, but man it's a lot right now!! I think that I will try to find some time for a real update tomarrow...maybe I can dig some pictures up from somewhere!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

{Halloween Jib Jab}

Now, not only can you elf yourself...but you can turn yourselves into Monsters. The kids really got a laugh out of this one!

Try JibJab Sendables® eCards today!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

{A must have at our house...}

I can't wait until this cookbook is released......If any of you aren't familiar with the Pioneer Woman and her amazing recipes, you are missing out. She has recipes from Pot Rost, to sushi, to pasta, to chocolate. She is finally making a cookbook and I am so excited! Here is a link to her blog to try some of the recipes out if you'd like. I recommend the chocolate sheet cake and the Enchiladas. Sooo good!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

{Kamrin's MP3 player case}

Kamrin got an MP3 player from my brother who didn't need it anymore. We were cleaning up the family room a few days later and I asked her to put this camo cooler of Josh's away. She said that it wasn't a cooler....it was her MP3 player case. I think she has plenty of room in there for her MP3 player, what do you think?

{Octoberfest Cheer Performance}

Kelsie got to perform at Octoberfest this year. She's getting pretty good at the cheerleading stuff. The second vidoe is all cheerleading jumps. She got picked because she has worked so hard at the jumps and got to be obe of the girls to demonstrate for everyone.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

{Kamrin's Birthday}

Kamrin turns five tomorrow, but I have a class so we celebrated today. She got cute new cowgirl boots, a jewelry box, some new clothes, and a cute new barbie doll. Her cake was super yummy. We used brownies with raspberry mousse inbetween the layers. Then, we frosted it with buttercream frosting and added fondant polka dots and a cute bow. It tasted super yummy!!

This is what we woke up to today....SNOW!! It's only the first part of October and it's snowing already. I'm not going to complain though...I really like the snow. The girls couldn't resist at least spending a few minutes out there in it.

They chose to make a snow horse instead of a snowman and even went and got their saddle to ride the snow horse with! They are so smart aren't they??


{Kyler's Birthday!}

We've made a little tradition around here. I really like to make the kids' birthday cakes. So, this year Kyler got a tractor. He really likes just about anything with wheels and tractors are no exception.

Eating the cake....notice the black wheels. That part of the cake was rather messy!

Opening presents.....he learned how to say that word pretty quickly. That and birthday. He woke up the next saying birthday and presents.
Blowing out the candles. He didn't really get that part. Oh well, we'll save that one for next year.


{Lake Cleveland}

The kids an I went for a drive with some freinds on labor day. We drove about an hour and a half away to Lake Cleveland. It was nice and the kids had a really fun day.

The girls made homeade fishing poles.

And Kyler threw rocks for the whole day!

What a nice, relaxing day!