Tuesday, December 29, 2009

{Mr. Mischief}

Kyler has turned into Mr. Mischief! He has found a new wind of energy and keeps us going.....Here are some pictures of his recent adventures:

He undoes the Toilet paper daily.....
He gets out of his crib now and refuses to sleep, so we have to put the mattress off of his big boy bed on top of the crib to keep him in.

This of course if the worst mess of all. He was only left unattended for a very sort time...probabally a minute! Any why couldn't he have chosen something else besides very fine, sticky powdered sugar!

Look at how proud he is of his masterpiece!!

1 comment:

Silverwinds Photography said...

Wow look at that boy make up for everything.. gotta love it. His eyes look fantastic.. Tell Kelsie congrats for me she is so talented... I knew all that arm swinging business wasn't for nothing.. you go girl!