Monday, July 30, 2007

Getting Ready for Baby

Getting ready to have a baby at the house again is a lot of work. Since we didn't think that we would be able to have another baby we are pretty much starting from scratch. I have been looking for a red crib for months and have had no luck. Finally on Saturday as I was driving by a garage sell I saw an immaculate white crib for $30, so I thought it would be very easy to paint a crib red. The baby's room was already blue from Kamrin, so it wouldn't need to be painted. I found a pottery barn crib set that is red, white, and different shades of blue for about $40 dollars on ebay. Hopefully it will come together nicely. The hard part now is moving the girls upstairs into the playroom. Then, I can begin the work on the baby's room. Good thing I have six more weeks to finish!!!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Digital Scrapbook Pages

Here are my latest creations. The more you do this the easier that it gets!!

Saturday, July 28, 2007


It finally worked! This is the first layout that I have made that I think I actually like! I would like it better if I could make the picture sepia. If anyone knows how to do that in photoshop, I'd love to know the secret!

Thursday, July 26, 2007


I finally finished the 7th Harry Potter book!! This one took me the longest to read. It came out at the wrong time for me. We had dance camp on Saturday after I bought it. On Sunday I was so tired from being at camp all week that I took a very long nap. This week has been a blur, Josh has been so busy that we have spent time getting building permits and other stuff done for him. Needless to say, I had to squeeze some time in here and there to complete the book. I am very pleased with the final book. J.K. Rowling is truly a gifted author. She tied in the whole series and ended the book rather well. I think that most anyone will pleased with the outcome. Now, the only thing to look forward to is the other two movies!

I'm hooked now!!

Okay, this whole digital scrapbooking thing just might get me in trouble. I have a whole scrapbooking room full of paper, ribbon, etc..... Now it is so much easier just to keep them on the computer. And it seems quite a bit cheaper, actually. I do have to take it slow I have decided and just play with it for now. It really would be a waste to stop using all of the other things that I have collected over the years. However,Josh is talking the scouts down the Main Salmon next week for eight days and as soon as I get the baby's room done, I know what I will be doing!! It will be my own little vacation, just me and photoshop!! So here is my next layout. A little better than the last, but I do have a long way to go! Okay. Never mind with the page, blogger hates uploading my pictures and the blogger employee is very slow to answer with help. I will post it when I can!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


I took the girls to Lagoon with my mom and sisters. We decided to make it an overnighter and stay at the campground. When we arrived the newspaper at the local gas station's headline read, "Sizzlin in Zion." Record breaking temperature hit the Wasatch Valley. I couldn't help but think that maybe I was making a huge mistake by coming here 8 months pregnant. It was too late though, the girls were already way excited. So, we arrived at the campground and decided to set up the tent and get everything ready so that when we got tired we would have a place to go. Well setting up a tent in the 100 degree + weather can be a chore. We did get it done eventually and were ready to go. We decided that we should swim first in order to cool ourselves off. It felt so good. It was freezing!! After cooling off we started off toward the rides. The girls rode lots of rides and had tons of fun!! After we finished we drove to get milkshakes and dinner, by then we decided it was time to put the girls to bed. Well, I decided that camping is not that much fun when you're pregnant, even if you have an air mattress and that lots of trains and airplanes make lots of noise all night when you camp in the campground by Lagoon. Anyway, I was more than ready to wake up and get off of the ground. We showered and ate breakfast . As I was eating breakfast I realized that there was a flat tire on Mom's van. Great, I thought. We decided to change into the spare and drive to the nearest tire store to have the tire repaired. When the tire was off we saw a huge nail stuck in it. As Jessica put the spare on we realized that it was also flat. We were not having very good luck so far! We decided then to call a tire shop to make a service call. They came and fixed everything and we were finally on our way! What a trip!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Summer Rain

Don't you just love it when it rains in the summer? The smell, the cooler temperature, the dark sky and thunder .... The past few evenings about four o'clock the sky has turned dark and it has rained a little. We could definatly use more rain, but it has been nice to have some relief from this heat. The girls wanted to run in the rain with their umbrellas (sounds like an accident just waiting to happen doesn't it!) and I decided to get out the camera. By the time that we got all ready and outside the rain had temporarily stopped for the most part, but we still took some pictures. I remembered seeing a digital kit with an umbrella and raindrops on a website somewhere. So, I logged onto the computer to find it. NO Internet connection. After 24 hours of no Internet connection I called tech support. They we worthless. That was last night at 10 pm. So, this morning I took the whole computer, router and modem apart and set it up all over again. Amazingly, after doing that it worked fine again. So, now I could begin looking for that cute digital kit. The best part was it was a freebie! I decided to go ahead and make that page. However, I am not good at digital scrapbooking. I don't feel comfortable with it and must not be patient enough to learn. No one else that I know around here has even tried to digital scrapbook, so I am pretty much on my own. I have found some stuff on the Internet, but not much. Anyway, this is what I came up with and I'm sure that I will keep messing with it for at least a week or so more. Oh, well I do believe that it is good to keep learning new things.

Monday, July 16, 2007

BSU Wins Two ESPY's

Way to go BSU!!! Last night BSU won two ESPY's. One for best game and the other for best play. We were so excited. Last night Josh and I were talking about how cool it was to be there and actually see this game. We never anticipated that when we bought these tickets we would be able to see one of the greatest games in college football history. We never would have thought that when chosing what tickets to purchase from ebay that we would end up on the front row in the endzone where all of the action actually took place. I had just graduated from BSU the prior spring and was just excited that my school actually got to play in a Bowl game. Josh served his mission in Mesa/Tempe so we thought it would be cool to go to the game and spend a few days in his mission. It turned out to be one of the most memorable trips that we have ever taken.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Baby Names

We are having the hardest time coming up with a name for our baby. Josh likes some names and I like others, but we cannot agree on one that we both like. Since that baby gets his name for it's middle name I think I should pick the first name, or at least like it.

The two names that he likes the most are:
2. Keagan

I like:
1. Kyler
2. Kasen
3. Karson
4. Konnor

This is definitely going to be a difficult decision for us. Maybe we should just bag the whole idea of having all of our kids names start with "K" and it might be easier for us to make a decision. Anyway, if anyone has any good names that start with a "K" let me know. Baby name books are worthless I can't even pronounce half of the names listed in the book.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Sick Kids and Harry Potter

I have been waiting for the next Harry Potter movie to come out for a very long time. My brother, sisters, and I have made a tradition to see the movies at the midnight showings in Burley. My dad had to be at the farm by 5 am so he wasn't going to come with us and he would just watch the girls while I went. Well, my Mom bought the tickets for Tuesday night at midnight and we were set. I would leave for Burley around nine as soon as I got done teaching the scrapbook enrichment group at church. Well, the plan was going along great until three people showed up to start their page at 8:30. They happen to be the ones that talk the whole time and their page takes forever to finish.(I still love them though!) They finished in an hour which was good, I wasn't too behind schedule. I arrived home to find Kamrin fast asleep on the couch. Even better I thought, she was already asleep. I would just have to move her when I got to my parents house. I went to find Josh to tell him that we were leaving and he told me that Kamrin fell asleep at 5:00 after I left for dance practice. Well I was pretty sure that if she fell asleep at 5 that she would not sleep through the night and my dad could not get up with her and still be to work so early in the morning. I called my mom and told her to she if one of the girls could find a friend to go in my place. Well, I decided to move Kamrin to her bed and put on some PJ's. Halfway to her room she threw up all over me, the floor, and the wall. Well, now I understood why she was so tired. She was sick. Harry Potter would have to wait! I am sooo glad that those ladies showed up late. If they had been on time I might have made it into the car halfway to Burley before she got sick and that could have been much worse. I have tickets to the 8 o'clock show here in Twin tonight. I had mutual last night and we went rafting in Hagerman, so I couldn't even make it to the late, late show last night. I have not read the newspaper, watched anything on television, or the Internet that would let me know if it's good or bad. I am sooo excited to go tonight.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Barnes Reunion at Bear Lake

Josh's Mom and Dad have been very persistent in having a reunion with their immediate family each year. This may seem like no big deal, but it's tough finding a place to hold his large family. This year we stayed at Beaver Creek Lodge in the Logan Canyon. It was large enough for Josh's family and near Bear Lake which we all love.

We rented a boat and some jet ski's and spent the day having tons of fun. The sandy beach there is awesome for the kids.

On the last night we had a "Barnival," the Barnes version of a carnival. It was pretty crazy. Each family brought a carnival game and the kids won tons of prizes. Leave it to the Barnes family to think of something like that.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Angel Moroni

We are so excited that we are getting a temple in Twin Falls. We've been driving by frequently to keep up on the progress. Last month we got a phone call from a friend who's friend had just called her and told her that the angel Moroni was being placed on the temple in 30 minutes. Well, a trip to Twin takes us about 15 minutes considering the temple is clear on the other side of town. We had just pulled into the garage and were going to make some lunch. Instead, we hurried and got back in the car and decided we would just go to Wendy's drive through and make it just in time to see them put the Angel Moroni on top. We called a few friends and Grandma and Grandpa Barnes and were able to make it just in time. I am so glad that they were able to take part in that special event. It has brought many teaching moments into our home and Kelsie says that if she ever gets big enough, she wants to be married there.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Hot Summer Days

I now remember why I don't like summer. I hate being hot!! Being almost eight months pregnant and hot seems to be even more uncomfortable. In order to fix this me and the girls visit the snow shack regularly and stock up on popsicles. Not to mention set the AC at about 68 degrees. Yesterday to celebrate the fourth we had Chad, Stephanie, and their kids over and made dutch oven chicken. The kids were roasting, so we put them in the pool for awhile until they wanted to run through a sprinkler. At first they weren't sure if they liked the sprinkler or not. They would cover their eyes and stand away from the majority of the water. After awhile they were screaming and giggling. They had so much fun!!

Afterwards, we went to CSI to watch the fireworks. I have to admit that this year the fireworks were better than ever. Someone must have made a generous contribution to the fund this year. We had seats about a blocks distance from where they were lighting them. We could feel them, not to mention hear them. Kamrin kept trying to reach up and grab them. All in all we had a fun day.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Things that make you smile

Kamrin in Zions National Park.
BSU winning the fiesta bowl in the best game ever!
Kelsie and Josh on the Salmon River.
Kelsie hunting with her dad.
Kelsie's first day of pre-school.

Josh & the girls by Salmon dam.
The girls watching the angel Moroni being put on the temple.

Today I was burning photos onto cd's to free up some room on my computer. This project ended up taking a much larger part of the day than I anticipated because I found lots of pictures that I had forgotten about. It has definitely made me realize that kids grow up so fast. I cannot believe that Kelsie is almost six and Kamrin 3. It seems just like yesterday that they were born. Anyway, I thought that I would share some of the pictures that brought back some good memories.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

New To This

Okay I am totally new to this. I'm sure that it is going to take me awhile to get the hang of it.