Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Summer Rain

Don't you just love it when it rains in the summer? The smell, the cooler temperature, the dark sky and thunder .... The past few evenings about four o'clock the sky has turned dark and it has rained a little. We could definatly use more rain, but it has been nice to have some relief from this heat. The girls wanted to run in the rain with their umbrellas (sounds like an accident just waiting to happen doesn't it!) and I decided to get out the camera. By the time that we got all ready and outside the rain had temporarily stopped for the most part, but we still took some pictures. I remembered seeing a digital kit with an umbrella and raindrops on a website somewhere. So, I logged onto the computer to find it. NO Internet connection. After 24 hours of no Internet connection I called tech support. They we worthless. That was last night at 10 pm. So, this morning I took the whole computer, router and modem apart and set it up all over again. Amazingly, after doing that it worked fine again. So, now I could begin looking for that cute digital kit. The best part was it was a freebie! I decided to go ahead and make that page. However, I am not good at digital scrapbooking. I don't feel comfortable with it and must not be patient enough to learn. No one else that I know around here has even tried to digital scrapbook, so I am pretty much on my own. I have found some stuff on the Internet, but not much. Anyway, this is what I came up with and I'm sure that I will keep messing with it for at least a week or so more. Oh, well I do believe that it is good to keep learning new things.

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