Sunday, July 8, 2007

Angel Moroni

We are so excited that we are getting a temple in Twin Falls. We've been driving by frequently to keep up on the progress. Last month we got a phone call from a friend who's friend had just called her and told her that the angel Moroni was being placed on the temple in 30 minutes. Well, a trip to Twin takes us about 15 minutes considering the temple is clear on the other side of town. We had just pulled into the garage and were going to make some lunch. Instead, we hurried and got back in the car and decided we would just go to Wendy's drive through and make it just in time to see them put the Angel Moroni on top. We called a few friends and Grandma and Grandpa Barnes and were able to make it just in time. I am so glad that they were able to take part in that special event. It has brought many teaching moments into our home and Kelsie says that if she ever gets big enough, she wants to be married there.

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