Tuesday, July 24, 2007


I took the girls to Lagoon with my mom and sisters. We decided to make it an overnighter and stay at the campground. When we arrived the newspaper at the local gas station's headline read, "Sizzlin in Zion." Record breaking temperature hit the Wasatch Valley. I couldn't help but think that maybe I was making a huge mistake by coming here 8 months pregnant. It was too late though, the girls were already way excited. So, we arrived at the campground and decided to set up the tent and get everything ready so that when we got tired we would have a place to go. Well setting up a tent in the 100 degree + weather can be a chore. We did get it done eventually and were ready to go. We decided that we should swim first in order to cool ourselves off. It felt so good. It was freezing!! After cooling off we started off toward the rides. The girls rode lots of rides and had tons of fun!! After we finished we drove to get milkshakes and dinner, by then we decided it was time to put the girls to bed. Well, I decided that camping is not that much fun when you're pregnant, even if you have an air mattress and that lots of trains and airplanes make lots of noise all night when you camp in the campground by Lagoon. Anyway, I was more than ready to wake up and get off of the ground. We showered and ate breakfast . As I was eating breakfast I realized that there was a flat tire on Mom's van. Great, I thought. We decided to change into the spare and drive to the nearest tire store to have the tire repaired. When the tire was off we saw a huge nail stuck in it. As Jessica put the spare on we realized that it was also flat. We were not having very good luck so far! We decided then to call a tire shop to make a service call. They came and fixed everything and we were finally on our way! What a trip!

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karisa said...

You deserve Best Mom of the Year award for that. Daring the 100 degree weather and sleeping in a tent- 8 months pregnant and all. Way to go!