Sunday, October 30, 2011

{Halloween 2011}

Kyler the Lion

Kelsie, The 80's

rock star


Kamrin, Dorothy

Ruby Red Slippers & All!

{Carving Pumpkins}

The kids got to make a special trip to the pumpkin patch with my great aunt.....they each came back with the pumpkin of their choice and so we spent the evening carving them.

The finished products:

{Back to School 2011}

I realized that I had never posted the back to school pictures for the year....I'm afraid that I am failing at keeping this family journal afloat......I suppose that late is better than never!
This year because of our family circumstance I pulled Kamrin out of the charter school so that both girls would be at the same school.I love Sawtooth though and have been very glad that I made the switch and man is it easier to just drop off at one school instead of two!


Kamrin, age 6, 1st Grade
Ms. Morrison

Sawtooth Elementary

Kelsie, age 9, 4th grade

Mrs. Jones, Sawtooth Elementary

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Kamrin's teacher had a contest to see who could memorize all of the states in order. Kamrin came home determined that she would learn them and practiced until she could say them only took her a couple of days and now she's a pro!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

{Kamrin is 7!!!}

Kamrin Marie

Kamrin had a birthday this week and is 7........I can't believe how fast she is growing up. She is a lot like me and it's been interesting to watch her grow up and do some of the things that I do. Right now she loves cheerleading and mostly being in the gym working on her tumbling. She is pretty competative and wants to do the things that all of the older girls can do. She is also very helpful and likes to cook with me and just be a part of anything that I am doing at the time! I really do love having her around and couldn't imagine not having her in our family!

Right Now Kamrin loves:

  • School

  • Cheer

  • Reading

  • Nail Polish & Jewelry (She's all girl!)

  • Zebra Print &

  • Baking