Monday, August 20, 2007

New Boots

The girls were so excited to go to the fair in Burley. Kelsie insisted on wearing her Wrangler shirt and boots. We bought her some Ariat boots two years ago and she has worn them well. As we left the house she was walking funny and I asked her if her boot s were hurting her feet. Of course she said No, mostly because I am pretty sure there was no way she was going to the rodeo without her favorite boots. Well Josh told her that if they didn't fit we still had some time to go and get some new ones that did. It wasn't until he told her that that she finally admitted that her boots hurt her feet. While at the store buying new ones I realize that these have probably been too small for quite some time because we had to buy boots that were three sizes larger than the ones that she has been wearing. I guess I need to pay better attention in the future.

Of, course Kelsie had to have purple boots and Kamrin Pink. I think that they picked the most colorful pairs in the whole store!
After buying new boots, we headed to Burley for the rodeo. Josh has entered the wild cow ride every year for the past three years. Last year he was run over by a cow and came home with hoof mark shaped bruises. After that I was sure that he wouldn't enter again this year. I was wrong, they insisted that they weren't stopping until they had that belt buckle. I know it sound odd, I'm not sure what Josh would do with one of those big shiny cowboy buckles! Anyway this years ride was less than eventful, but as soon as I get a cable for my video camera I will put all three years Wild Cow Ride's on here. They are quite entertaining!
Kelsie with our friend Marty's daughter Hallie.
Kamrin was hilarious while she was watching her dad. At first she was a little scared that he was out there with those big cows, but she was laughing at him by the end. She still can't stop talking about it.

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karisa said...

I was sad we didn't make it home for the fair. I can't wait to buy our girl a little pair of pink boots. Your girls are adorable.