Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Mixed Emotions...

We recently purchased some property a few miles from our current home. It is farm ground and there was still corn growing. Last week the corn was finally chopped and we now have a better idea as to what the land looks like. It was very difficult for me to see what it looked like with all of the corn still growing in the field.

Thinking about building a new house and starting over kind of makes me sad. We have only lived in our current house for two years this month. We finally have grass and a sprinkler system, it is semi-decorated, and we are comfortable here. As I began thinking about moving, I realized that we have moved within a few months of having a new child. Our first house in Twin was Kelsie's house, the one that we live in now is Kamrin's and the new one will be Kyler's. Maybe that is part of why it is hard to move, each home has so many memories. However, we do feel like we have been blessed to be able to purchase this land. Me and Josh have talked so much about needing things for our kids to do besides playing video games, watching television, and various other things kids today seem to do a lot of. I really think that Josh is who is today because of his dads example of hard work on the farm. Josh was able to help his dad and after they were no longer farming he still had livestock to care for. So, In purchasing this land we hope to get a few cows and horses in order for the kids to be able to have something to care for, some responsibility. Most of you that know me probably think that I have lost my mind. I'm not much of a farm girl. I will admit that I have a lot to learn myself.
Now the hard part is preparing to sell our house, moving, and building a new house. The best part of the whole deal is that because we were able to find land, we do not have to move ever again!!! YEAH!!!!!

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Mary Jane said...

How many acres? How far away from your present home? We would really love some land for all the same reasons that you stated. I'm so happy for you! Hope the house selling goes well for you. Happy Halloween!!