Sunday, March 8, 2009

{Kelsie and her Dad}

Kelsie spent Saturday with her dad up in the mountains. They went looking for elk. She rode the RZR with her dad and even found her very own elk shed. She was so happy. She loves to be with him and never complains about being cold or tired, etc. She even loves the military meals that they eat for lunch. You just add water and a chemical reactions warms them. She thinks its the coolest thing ever!


Mary Jane said...

Cute pictures! So glad she likes daddy time! There must have been someone else with them, because who took the pics?

**nicke... said...

how fun! she is lucky do drive such a cool uh... 4wheeler... uh thingy... i love it that she loves spending time with him. i hope sara is the same way when she is older.