Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Rice Cereal

I decided that since Kyler was now four months old and eats a ton that I would try to give him some cereal to see if that would fill him up. Well, here's how it went:

1. Before Cereal

2. First Bite. Not so bad, he's seems to like it.

3. After about 4 spoonfuls, he's not so sure about this stuff.

4. By about 6 or 7 spoonfuls, he's gagging on the stuff.

5. Okay, I think he's had enough what do you think??


Mom2My6Kids said...

My babies never eat rice cereal. I try to disguise it in their other baby foods though that are runny, just to thicken them up. Sometimes it works, sometimes not! Teaching a baby to eat food is so much fun, and messy!

millerandbrandi said...

I wouldn't want to eat that crap either little buddy...