Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Dentist

Kelsie started complaining on Tuesday after lunch that her tooth hurt. So, I decided to call the dentist and make her an appointment to get it looked at. An hour or so later she was in tears because it had become more painful. The dentist couldn't see us until the following morning so I started giving her motrin to help until we could get in to see him. After a long night and morning Josh takes her to her appointment to find that the cavity in her tooth is so bad that it is infected and has to be pulled after she has been on an anti-biotic for a week. I brush her teeth and didn't notice the cavity earlier and she hadn't complained until Tuesday. She must have a high tolerance for pain or else just didn't think to say anything to me until then if it had been bothering her. I felt awful! Anyway, she feels much better now and she's pretty excited about having the tooth pulled because it's fair game for the tooth fairy.

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Mom2My6Kids said...

Shaelynne had to have this done this last year. I felt like such a horrible mom for not catching the cavity sooner but it wasn't really my fault. It was actually the dentists. She was very scared but she was very brave. She did well and the next tooth came in so fast that she didn't even have to have a spacer put in. The tooth was gross though so we threw it away. No tooth fairy for that tooth!