Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Kelsie!!!

Happy 6th Birthday Kelsie!!

Six things I love about Kels:
  1. Her smile!
  2. She is a lot of help to me around the house!
  3. Her personality!
  4. Her Energy!
  5. Her off the wall comments!
  6. Her desire to do better at everything she does!


Walker Family said...

It looks like Kelsie might go to the same school as MaKala! I hope she had a wonderful Birthday!!! I love the picture of her missing teeth. MaKala lost her first tooth a couple weeks ago. They sure are growing up fast.

millerandbrandi said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KELSIE! What a cutie patutie in all those pictures...

Mom2My6Kids said...

She is so beautiful. Time goes by way too quickly!