Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Kyler is 5 months old!

I cannot believe that Kyler has been here for five months! It seems like just yesterday I was still pregnant. He is such a joy to have at home. I was truly blessed with an amazing baby. He is so patient, easy going and happy. We have had a bit of a struggle since his 4 month check up. He only weighs twelve pounds. So he hasn't gained any weight from his 2 month well check. We had to change his feeding routine and I had to start to supplement with formula. Well, this made our feeding time very long and close together. After weekly weight checks and still no gain, I ended up having to stop breast feeding and going straight to formula. This has proved to be better in the feeding area, but still no weight gain after two weeks. So, now we mix the formula different so that it is more concentrated and contains more calories. We will see what happens at his next weight check! Hopefully, he has gained some! He isn't loosing weight so that is a good sign and he is happy and upbeat, so he isn't malnourished! The hardest part of the whole thing is that I had to stop breastfeeding, we were doing so well and that bond is hard to break. I feed him his bottle snuggled up close to me! Here are a few pictures taken over the last few weeks:

He has learned to roll over and as soon as he does he gets upset and starts screaming!

He sticks everything in his mouth and slobbers a ton!


Mom2My6Kids said...

He really is so cute. I hope he starts gaining weight soon though. That makes me worry about him. And to have to stop nursing is so sad. How are you feeling? That's alot to take on and move at the same time. You're supermom!

Ben and Sara said...

I had to do the same thing with my little boy because he wasn't gaining enough weight, he was a little bit older though. It was hard but it all worked out. Good luck with all the changes going on in your life.

millerandbrandi said...

HOORAY for 9 more days!!!!!!!!!