Monday, February 4, 2008

Snow Days!!

We are on our third snow day in a row! I can't remember the last time that we had one and now they just keep on coming. The kids are tired of being cooped up inside and so am I! The weather hasn't stopped us much. We live on the outskirts of town so we aren't affected much by the bad roads most of the time. We have had a crazy week, it's seems like we had so much to do. So, here's a little recap of our week:

Monday: Family Birthday party for Kelsie.(Notice that she refuses to take off her Hannah Montana rockstar headset!) After the party we had to make treats for the Kindergarten class. We didn't want to make cupcakes because that's what almost everyone else does for birthdays, so Kelsie made pudding cups with gummi worms and oreos. They were cute and she helped me make them.

Tuesday: Ran all of our errands for the week and took Kels to lunch for her birthday! The kids were all so tired that by the time we got home they were all asleep. I took this after pulling into the garage.

Kelsie being sung to at La Fiesta for her birthday!

Birthday Party with some friends from school & church. She has good friends that spoiled her.

I got a call from the school at about 9:00. School was cancelled we had to pick up Kelsie early.

No school again!!

Dance competition in Twin. All long day! The girls danced so good!! Kyler was good all day as he got drug around!(The girls took my camera while I was doing something and had a photo shoot wit Kyler.)
I am soooo nervous!!!

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Mom2My6Kids said...

Man, How do we live less than 5 miles away from you and we have had NO snow days yet!!! Looks like a very busy but very fun week!