Thursday, June 5, 2008

Last Day of Kindergarten....

Tuesday was Kelsie's last day of kindergarten. She has missed the last week because of her surgery, but we decided to send her back for the last couple of days so that she could see her friends and go to the end of the year parties and such. I told Kels that on the last day of school I would walk with her to school. So we walked together and then I stayed and helped with the kids. I got to see what they do everyday. They did the calendar and the weather just like any other normal day. Then, they counted the total number of days they were in class together, 165 days.

Next, they signed each others memory books that they had each made. Then, they headed outside for the fun. The school had a bouncy slide and a bounce house for the kids. They played tug-o-war and had races.

By the time we headed back the kids were beat! They had snacks and Mrs. Whitney read the kids a story for the last time.

Thanks Mrs. Whitney for a great year!! We will miss you!!


julie said...

I can't even believe Kelsey's going to be in first grade...slow down kels! Bring on the summer fun, we are definatly going to have her over this summer, can't wait!!!
P.S. Heather you blog is so cute always you have got to help me jazz mine up!

julie said...

What fun pics, I can't believe she is going to be in first grade! Slow down Kels! Bring on the summer fun, we can't wait to have the girls come and play!!
P.S. Heather your blog is always sooo cute, you will have to help me jazz mine up when/ if you het any free time!

Mom2My6Kids said...

This school year seemed to go by so quickly. She is so cute!

Hey, I'm supposed to encourage you to support your husband in getting a bike so we can go on rides together:)! It's really fun:)!

Walker Family said...

Wow a first grader now.... So cool.... The comp is in Nampa on Saturday from 10:00 until around 5:00 or so and then on Sunday from 10:00 until 12:00 or 1:00... He should defintely try it sometime.... Adam went to worlds a couple years ago but since then he has been busy running them... The one that is running is our own and if Josh would like he should talk with Adam and try it out... Good friendly competition and everyone is also so helpful... Mostly just guys wanting to do fun things.... Well I had better run I have to get somethings put together for tomorrow.. Nice hearing from you.

Walker Family said...

Hey I have tried to leave you several messages and no luck!!!! I will post more information next year on the comp.... Josh should come we usually comp a new guy on the cost of his first entry so he can get some feed back and talk to the guys..... We found out we are now the largest in the mid west or west and now everyone wants us to find a way to do a waterfowl festival out of it next year... Kels looks so cute... Now its full time fun next year!