Thursday, June 12, 2008

Kylers Silly Faces

Kyler has a silly cheesy smile now, it is hilarious! He squints his eyes really small, crinkles his nose, and shows his two little teeth. I have had a hard time capturing it on camera. I finally got him to make some silly faces for the camera and as soon as he will do the cheesy smile on camera I will post it. Can you tell he's teething? This kid can drool!!


brockandericka said...

how cute!! heather i remember seeing you in the gas station when you were pregnant and havent seen him at all !! how adorable!!! you have 3 cute kids!!! well just thought i would stop by and say hello!!!:)

Mom2My6Kids said...

He is looking so good! He has grown so much since your last pictures. What a cutie!