Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Gateway Discovery Center

We spent Monday and Tuesday in Utah for kids doctor's appointments. In between appointments we went to the Discovery Center at the Gateway Mall. If you haven't taken kids there, it is a must! I had a lot of fun watching the kids experiment with different things. Their favorite part was the big playhouse, grocery store, water table, and farm. They would have loved to spend the whole day there! I forgot the memory card for my camera, so these pictures are off of my phone and they aren't that great. Better than none I guess!!

They have a separate area for smaller children. Kyler loved being pushed! (He's dressed up as a duck.)

Afterwards playing in the fountains at the mall. It was actually a really nice day for once.

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brockandericka said...

ha ha the plan where do i start..........!! i dont know how you all did this!! lol!! well all i can saw is... there coming... slow but comming ha ha !! well ya i am told you are the best blogger so i need some help making mine look fun!!!:)!!! so let me know what i can do fun k!!:) i know my sis kaci doesnt even do hers!! what a gommer!!! lol!! well thanks i need it lol!! and hope you can make it to the wedding and bridale shower:)!!!