Thursday, May 29, 2008

Kyler is 8 months!

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Kyler at 8 months:

-Weighs almost 16 lbs., finally!!
-Loves to eat food, especially strawberries!
-Loves playing with his sisters
-Enjoys the bath
-Will nap anywhere
-He is starting to roll around to get what he wants
-Is very curious and is starting to explore the world around him.
-Loves noisy toys! Gotta Love Leapfrog!
-Jabbers all day long.
-Is teething so he chews on almost anything. He seems to find paper to chew on anywhere he goes.


millerandbrandi said...

Way to go Kyler-man! We can't wait to see you and your sisters!

Mom2My6Kids said...

I am so glad he is doing well. He is such a cute baby. I love how he is all boy!