Friday, May 23, 2008

I am a looser....

Okay, so the Satellite repair man won't be able to come to our house for 10-14 days so I missed the finale of American Idol!!!! I was able to get a tape recording of the last show and the finale from a lady in my ward. I didn't get to watch them until last night. So, in order to not have the outcome spoiled I couldn't turn on the radio or even get on the internet for fear of having it spoiled. In fact, I was at the hospital with Kelsie getting her pre-op stuff done and some of the nurses were talking about it and it almost got spoiled. I just turned my head tried to pay attention to Kelsie. I am proud to say that I was suprised and I made it without finding out the winner until I was watching it myself. This whole situation made me realize how pathetic I am..... oh, well It's ever now until next year. However, I don't mind not having a television (now that American Idol is over, of course.)

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