Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Kelsie's Crash!



Learning to ride a bicycle without training wheels has it's disadvantages!! Kels has learned this week more than once that is can be hard to ride a bike. I've learned why kids are supposed to wear helmets, thankfully she loves wearing hers and always has it on! I've also stocked up on antiseptic spray & bandaids. We also purchased knee and elbow pads. Hopedully now she is covered until she learns to ride a little better. She is a trooper though, she gets right back on and keeps on trying!(I felt bad taking her picture as she was crying, but she wanted the picture of her fat lip so she could remeber what it looked like.)
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millerandbrandi said...

SO SAD!!! At least she's not letting anything stop her from learning...she'll get the hang of it one day. Kyler is sooooo big! I can't believe how much he has changed since you came to visit...what a handsome little guy. Thank you so much for changing my background...I love it! I'll see you in ONLY 10 MORE DAYS!