Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Middle Child Syndrome??

There are lots of really smart people who have done studies on birth order. I learned a little about that in college in my psych classes. Lately, at our house, I have been learning a lot about birth order. Kamrin is the middle child in our family and is really having a hard time right now. She doesn't get to go to school like Kelsie or preschool like some of her friends. Kyler has been getting so much attention from people coming to visit or from me as I feed and care for him.

I didn't realize so much that this was a problem until she was at my mom's work Christmas party and she asked Santa for a family for Christmas. At first I thought that she was just joking. I thought that maybe she had watched a Christmas movie where the orphan asks for a family for Christmas and she was just mimicking what she had heard previously. Well, apparently she is serious because that's what she tells everyone when they ask her what she wants for Christmas.

She even told our friends that she wants a new family and it comes with a new house.
So me and Josh have decided that we need to try harder to make Kamrin feel like she has a place in our family and that she is important.

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