Friday, December 7, 2007

Kyler At 2 months

I have been meaning to make this post since Kyler's 2 month check-up last week, but have been side-tracked. Anyway, we had Kyler's two month check up last Thursday. He has grown 3 inches in the last 6 weeks, for a total growth of 3 1/2 inches since birth. He is definatly going to be tall like his daddy. He has only gained about 2 1/2 pounds. All of his nutrition is going to his growth in length. He is starting to fill out a little. His cheeks are getting a bit plumper finally. It is so weird that he is totally opposite of the girls at this age. They were much chunkier, slept better, and just has a totally different temperment. He still doesn't sleep throught the night, however we are making progress the last two night he slept from about 9 pm-3 am. He eats at three and goes back to sleep until about 6. He is starting to recognize his sisters voices and smiles when he hears it. Kelsie can really get him cooing and smiling. She gets a little teary eyed when she looks at him and she says that it is because she loves him so much. It is so cute to see how they interact with him. They both love him very much.
(The pictures are not that great. I am having problems with my camera and could use a new one. Hint, Hint Josh)


karisa said...

Man, 3 1/2 inches in 2 months. No wonder he's not filled out. Maybe if we spent our time laying down, we would get taller too-- No gravity pulling us down. On a side note, we were up by Bennett Springs cutting our Christmas tree and I though about our good old PACE retreat and Jay Mennenga.

Anonymous said...

Hey if Josh Takes your hint I call your old camera. Anything is better that the one I have.
I am so glad that we have the blogs I can keep up with the family even though I am so far away. It makes me feel conected