Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas at our house

We had a rough start to Christmas at our house. Kelsie is at the age where it is harder for her to go to sleep on Christmas Eve. She actually understands that there will be presents under the tree when she wakes up. Kamrin, on the other hand, is small enough still that she goes to sleep because she is tired and doesn't really understand what is going on. Well, Kelsie tried and tried to go to sleep and couldn't. She got to the point that she was so tired but couldn't sleep that she got very emotional. She was very worried that no one would leave her any presents because she wouldn't make it to sleep at all that night. She finally crashed a little after midnight. I also learned that next year I should probably begin wrapping presents earlier. I hate to wrap and am definately not good at it. Josh and I had to wrap everything last night and we were exhausted!! The girls did sleep in until about 7:15, so that was nice. The girls each got a toy, and outfit, and some PJ's. Kelsie also got new boots and Kamrin a new 4 wheeler helmet.

They were also very spoiled and got a 4 wheeler that is just their size. Now we can all go as a family and spend lots of time in the mountains.
Our family has had a nice Holiday Season. We have enjoyed teaching our kids about the real meaning of Christmas now that they are getting older and can understand more. We have had a busy few days with the Ward Party on Saturday and the sacrament program on Sunday. We have also enjoyed spending time with our extended family on Christmas Eve and Christmas. We spent Christmas Eve with my family having a nice lunch at the Garden Cafe and Christmas with the Barnes'. We hope that everyone else is also having a nice holiday!!

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