Tuesday, November 1, 2011

{Thankful in November}

I have a friend who posted something that she was Thankful for on her Facebook wall every day for the past year. Every single day she was able to recognize something around her that she was greatful for. So, I figured that if she could do that for a year then I could do it for a month. So every day in November I am going to look harder around me to find something that I am greatful for so here is #1.......

My Kiddos!

I mean seriously....have you ever seen kids cuter than them?? I am so lucky to have them around. My kids help me every day....they help me realize what is really imortant in life, they make me become more patient (especially Kyler!), and they teach me many important lessons. We really have been blessed with good kids, they all slept through the night since their births, they are all pretty easy going, and although they've had some challenges they are all pretty healthy. I am so blessed to be their mother!

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