Sunday, November 6, 2011

{Thankful in November #5}

Today I am Thankful for……….

Modern Medicine

Many of you who know our family know that we have used modern medicine a lot……..Our family was definitely given some challenges in this area however because of the many advances our children have overcome most of these challenges.
I am especially thankful this week as my mom spent the week in the hospital, then had a major surgery, and will spend the next week or so in the hospital recovering. I am so grateful that her ailment was able to be fixed and that she is no longer is major pain. After surgery listening to the surgeon explain what he had to do and just imagining that it is possible to do what he did is amazing!!
We are also very thankful that right now, as difficult as it may appear, for us to watch Josh sick, tired and struggling through the most basic daily functions that modern medicine has become so incredibly advanced to the point that his life can be preserved and that after a time he will be well again. …… That thankfully there are pills to help when he gets sick, pills to help when he is in pain and medicine to zap the cancer inside of him…… That there is a machine that can send doses of radiation to the exact spot of his tumor….within a couple millimeters to be exact!
All of this would not be possible without modern medicine and those who choose to attend college for all of those years, update their knowledge frequently, and spend many hours working to use their knowledge for good!

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