Saturday, January 17, 2009

{This is what happens when someone famous comes to our liitle town...}

Last night the dance team had consessions, so I had to be there in charge of the girls. Our consession stand is right as you walk in the school so you see everyone that walks by. Being from such a small town you pretty much know eveyone that you see coming through. We played Snake River, so not many people were here from the other team because it's pretty far away. A group of pretty big guys walked in that weren't "Locals." I recognized one of the men, but I couldn't quite figure out who it was. About an hour later it clicked, it was Kory Hall.

He was a football player for BSU when we went to the Fiesta Bowl and now he plays for the Green Bay Packers. I second guessed myself, "Why would he be in Filer, ID?" I eventually had to take a peek again so I went into the game and sure enough, it had to be him. I went to Josh and told him who I thought it was and even showed him to Josh. He was across the gym. Josh told me not to tell anyone because he would be embarassed because his wife thought Kory Hall was in Filer and there was no way he was. I went back to my duties in the consession stand. Pretty soon Kelsie and Kamrin came to the concession stand asking for a paper plate. When I questioned why they needed them they said that there were a lot of people having some guy sign their clothes, papers, arms, etc... Aparently someone else realized he was there and at halftime everyone started asking for his autograph. He was really nice to all of the kids and people that were there. I do feel bad because he ended up leaving in the fourth quarter. Come to find out he is friends with our boys basketball coach....

Kelsie's sweatshirt

Kamrin's Arm

The best part is when Josh asked Kamrin who signed her arm she said that she didn't know it was just some guy.

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karisa said...

Love the autograph on the arm of "some guy." As for the Love and Logic material, our library is awesome and has lots of cds, dvds, and books. I don't know where to purchase them.