Thursday, January 8, 2009

{Dessert anyone??}

Last night Josh and I were working on some paperwork in the office, meanwhile Kelsie and Kamrin decided to make some dessert to go with the dinner that was baking in the oven. This is what it looked like when Kels removed it from the freezer:

Their recipe in their own words:
You take two gogurts, any flavor. We used blue raspberry and a cotton candy. Next, you take some mandarin oranges and squish the up real small. (They used the garlic press and that seemed to work real well for them.)Mix it all up add some candy canes for garnish. Freeze for a little while and you have a great dessert!

Kyler loved their dessert more than any of us, I meant to get a picture of him because he pretty much devoured it. I forgot too, oh well!


The Loving Home of The Walkers said...

This totally made me laugh... It sound like my kids.. When we are at my mom's they do the same thing and for whatever reason they boy love the creations they make while the rest of us try out best!

**nicke said...

mmmmmmmm.... looks delicious!

bobcatgolfingspy said...

how cute!!!! :D