Saturday, July 12, 2008

This summer has been crazy!!

WOW, where has the time gone?! We have been running like crazy the past couple of weeks. We spent the week of the fourth with Kyler at Primary Children's. That is a whole separate story though. We ended the week having Josh meet us in Salt Lake and we took the girls to Stadium of Fire. I have no pictures however. They send an email with all of the things that you cannot bring with you to the stadium and cameras was one of them. When you get there no one checks and everyone else had one. I was bummed. I was an awesome show. They do a military flyover and it gives you goose bumps! Glenn Beck was a perfect host and the show was good. My girls were super excited to see Miley Cyrus. Kyler wasn't bothered a bit by the fireworks, he was just mesmerized. We drove home from Provo on Saturday, via Cabela's of course! On Sunday I drove to Boise because I took a class for our business all week. My sister has been with the kids while I was gone and Josh was at work. She has been a lifesaver this summer! Now I am home for now and am glad to be home with my family!!

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