Monday, July 14, 2008

Happy 31 to Josh!!

Josh's birthday was on Sundayy so we had a little party for him (That he was about an hour late for, but that's a whole other story) at the park on Saturday. We had yummy Costco cupcakes and a picnic. I asked the girls what they liked most about their dad in honor of his birthday and this is what they said.....

1. We go hunting together sometimes.
2. Because do fun things together.
3. He lets me sleep in his room sometimes.
4. He's fun.
5. He takes me to the property to change water.

1.He plays a lot.
2. He gives good hugs.
3. He gives me snacks.
4. He loves me.

He smiles everytime he sees his daddy, so he must like him!!

I am very proud of Josh and how hard he works for things. He works hard for our family and plays with us just as hard. We love him very much!!


Bateman said...

Happy Birthday old man!
Wow! I knew you when you were just a young pup! What a great dad and husband you are! Good Job!

Mom2My6Kids said...

Happy Birthday Josh! I love these pictures.