Monday, March 31, 2008

What's in your purse??

A friend of mine had a post on her blog containing all of the things that she has in her purse. Well, I thought that this would be a good way to clean out my purse. I usually just carry my wallet around, but I have recently found it easier to carry a purse because it holds more things that I need. I still also carry a small diaper bag with my purse because my purse is too small for diapers and all the other stuff you must have with a baby. So here is my purse:

It's was a real bargain on Canal Street in NYC! Thanks Brandi for bargaining for it!

And this is the content's of my purse:

I found a ton of change and three binki's!

So what's in your purse??


millerandbrandi said...

Way too much crap is in mine!!!

Walker Family said...

Well I gave it a try....I think I seem to always collect more... How's the new camera treating you... Hope you had a great birthday!


Walker Family said...

That's because your old camera had an optical zoom and now you have a real zoom.... if you want it better you have to buy another lense for that... Your up scale now baby it's a whole other world. The reason why it with an optical zoom you lose quality of the photo with your new one you dont.... Good luck!

Ben and Sara said...

I just wanted to let you that we set our blog as private. We were just getting paranoid of who was reading it. If you want to email me the email address you use to log into blogger at I will send you an invite.

Walker Family said...

No problem anytime you want it would be so nice to see you again and catch up....