Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Ice Skating with the Walters.....

On Saturday we decide to head to Sun Valley to go Ice skating with our friends. We started the day at IHOP. (See stef's blog for more info...) The skating was quite an experience let me tell ya. It looks so easy on television. I found out that it is actually quite difficult. In fact, I only made it around the rink a few times before the day was over. I spent the first half of an hour hugging the railing.
My kids on the other hand took to it much easier than I had anticipated. All of the pictures are courtesy of Stef since my camera had a dead battery. It was a good thing that I did not have a camera because I'm sure that it would have been smashed had I attempted to take photos at the same time. Kelsie was bound and determined to skate before she left. I'll bet that she fell 50 times. I am so proud of how determined she was!

Kamrin also caught on well. She was more slow and patient.

In the end she skated without much help quite and a ways, she was even pretty graceful. All in all we had a great day and it was nice to spend some time outside.

Josh trying not to fall himself as he helps the girls.
Kyler hanging out on the sidelines.

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Walker Family said...

What fun!! I remember going in High School I need to take my daughter someday I think she would have a great time. Hope your trip went well!