Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Kamrin is getting quite the personality...I'm not really sure where she gets it but she's clever. I love the school that she attends. They do a great job with the kids. She attends the preschool at the college and it is the lab for the childhood development students. Because they are learning from our kids we get lots of information on what Kamrin does and says in the classroom. Each student is required to send home slips with the student when they recognize a specific "moment" that the child is used for teaching purposes. I love getting these notes sent home.... here are a couple of the last few examples.
1. During morning circle Susan read The Kissing Hand. Kamrin told the group,"Everyday when my dad kisses me, my heart gets tingled."

2. "I love Josh, and he tells me he loves me everyday." (The teacher thought that she had a great imagination until I explained to her that Josh was her dad, not an imaginary boyfriend.)

3. Out of the blue while Kamrin was working on a project she told everyone, "I love my family, they are very special to me."

I love having Kamrin in our home, she has such a sweet spirit. One of my favorite parts of being a mother is seeing your children grow and change. It's nice to see them actually grasp the concepts you try to teach them each day. It definately makes up for all of those hard, challenging days.

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