Friday, November 21, 2008

{Home for the Holidays}

I think that today is a bittersweet day for us...after having our home on the market for six months and living in a rental we have decided to take it off of the market and move home!! It is sad because we will have to wait to build a new home, but I am so thankful that I have a place to call home!! With the way things are economically right now so many people don't. I am so glad that we will be "Home for the Holidays."
(Nicke, I will only be a mile away now so now i should be easier for you to come and learn how to digital scrapbook and Kyler really needs a play date with Sara..)


millerandbrandi said...

Oh my, you guys are crazy movers! On the upside though, how fun to move back home!

**nicke said...

lets do it!!! i am sooo exciiiiiiited!!! so is sara!!! i have a busy week this week (you know with thanksgiving and all) but next week, tuesday thru thursday we are FRRREEEEEE!

julie said...

I super love that house so I am glad to here your moving home! I hope you feel the same. Let me know when you want my help, I would love to help ya redecorate!